Treat Depression Naturally – 10 Ways To Help You Instantly Beat the Blues!

treat depression naturally

Depression is a real illness…

treat depression naturally, by making small, consistent lifestyle changesThere are many ways to treat depression naturally, but most people don’t know where to start. Here are a number of tips you can implement in your day to day life in order to elevate your health and contentment. But first, a little introduction into depression…

Depression is real, it’s debilitating and can take over every single aspect of your life. Nothing is joyous anymore, you find every single thing a task to do and you feel terrible whilst you are doing it.

You feel like you have stopped living, and are just… existing

Hoping to make it through to the next hour, the next night…til tomorrow. That will be an achievement. Small achievements are what you exist for, until living is an option again.

Its deeply saddening to me to hear people say ‘Oh just make yourself happy again’ or ‘get over it, and stop dwelling on negativity’ to loved ones who may be suffering from depression.

If it was that easy, then we wouldn’t have so many people on antidepressants, suicide from depression rates would be negligible and I wouldn’t be writing this post.


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Of course, if you are depressed, you don’t want to explain yourself to people who you feel should understand without you having to repeat yourself over (and over) again…

The last thing you wish to do is reopen old wounds you worked so hard to hide away or put behind you.

The fragility of your mental state is hard for them to understand, and who can blame them, when you don’t really understand it yourself?

They begin to get irritated with your low moods, and you are beyond fed up with their clueless, and what can feel to you like a cruel, attitude.

More than that, you are exhausted with feeling down all the time, having no energy, fighting with your mind to let you get through to tomorrow in peace, trying to find joy in things that you previously loved doing.

You can’t remember what the ‘norm’ is, but you sure as hell want to get back to it. Pronto.

Treat Depression Naturally10 Surefire Ways to Treat Depression Naturally

You can’t conveniently switch depression off but there are a few things you can do, however, to feel better in yourself (even if it is for a few hours).

See the thing about time is that it all adds up, a few hours here and a few hours there, turns into days, which turn into weeks and before you catch yourself, its been a good month or two since you really felt at your lowest.

And that’s what you need – to think of working your way out of your current situation one little event, activity, coping mechanism, hour, day at a time.

If you think of next month or next year, you might start feeling overwhelmed, sometimes to the point where you feel the thought of you coming out of this intact is so far fetched, that its near on impossible.

Now, that’s the thought process you don’t want.

If this resonates with you, if you are tired of feeling tired and need to feel high on life again, then read on to learn about 10 super simple ways to help you treat depression naturally.

10 tips you can implement straight away to give you a bounce in your step once again, and come out of this ordeal feeling happy and whole, without resorting to medications to treat depression.

1. Take 2 minutes everyday to just accept and feel how you want to feel

Treat Depression Naturally - Tips to Beat the Blues 1No false pretenses.

No putting a brave face on it all.

No acting like you aren’t falling to pieces inside and it is a constant struggle to even smile, much less make small talk.

Giving yourself a quick two minutes to offload mentally can prove to be extremely useful in being able to get through the day without keeping it all inside.

Make a commitment from now on, that you will take 2 minutes out of each day and just….feel.

Cry. Talk out loud to yourself about what is troubling you…

… and once you have done this, put it behind you for the day and busy yourself with your daily activities and tasks.

2. Volunteer to help the community

Treat Depression Naturally - Tips to Beat the Blues 2Giving yourself a chance to help those less fortunate in the community could help lift you out of self-depreciating thoughts.

No matter how useless you feel you are, there is someone in your community who would love your company.

A chat. A cup of coffee. A helping hand around the house. A quick catch up to make sure they are feeling okay…this can directly make a world of difference to them and indirectly will make you realise you are definitely an asset to any friendship.

Volunteer with your local community centre and help make a difference. Occupying your mind with helping others live a better life could be your calling in life, give it a try and see how it uplifts you.

You lose nothing, but you might discover a passion in life.

3. Kickstart your day with honey and lemon water

Treat Depression Naturally - Tips to Beat the Blues 3Want to lose weight? Check.

Would you love to feel energized in the mornings? Check.

Need to beat the morning blues? Checkkk.

Lemon water first thing in the morning is highly beneficial if you want an invigorating start to your day. It can help alleviate low moods and anxiety, can kickstart your metabolism and help you shed those pesky pounds.

The lemon content can boost your immunity, work as a potent antioxidant and antiinflammatory and also push up the alkalinity of the body, bringing additional health benefits.

So, implement this detox water into your daily diet and reap the benefits- it is quick and easy to prepare and will revitalize you instantly!

4. Learn a new language for free & travel far and often

Treat Depression Naturally - Tips to Beat the Blues 4The world is a vast and stunning place. The people in it are diverse, speak various languages and have too much to offer.

There are so many experiences that even if you were to visit a different country every year, you would never run out of things to do, or places to visit.

There are various apps on the market which allow you to learn another language, and best of all, they are free.

Duolingo is one app that enables you to learn a variety of languages for free, or you can visit this site to take various language classes.

Immerse yourself in a new culture. Learn a new way of life. Make friends with locals who can show you the place from a locals perspective.

Travelling can change your outlook on life, and give you a new focus.

5. Grow a plant and reap the fruits of your labour, literally

Treat Depression Naturally - Tips to Beat the Blues 5There are fewer things more satisfying than to plant a seed and see some visible, amazing growth in a few short months.

With some TLC and attention, plants can easily lighten your mood, keep you busy and provide a beautiful backdrop for your home.

Plant a fruit or vegetable that you can eat once ripe. This will give you a focus, some light responsibility and a plan of action to keep your mind busy with productive things…

…rather than zone out on negative things.

When you are eating food you have grown from scratch yourself, it will make you feel whole, like you have come full circle. Like your energy and care went into replenishing your body…

… it boosts your sense of worth when you can feed yourself, your family and maybe even others around you… better yet, it may lead you to starting a business doing just that!

6. Keep a journal and write your daily tasks the night before

Treat Depression Naturally - Tips to Beat the Blues 6I’ve noticed that writing down what I need to do the next day (no matter how large or small the task is) significantly improves my sleep and makes me heaps more productive.

If you are depressed or anxious, offloading into your journal each night might literally improve your quality of sleep, and make you more fruitful the next day.

Once you have made a to do list the night before, you can essentially let go of keeping any stressful information in your mind, you no longer need to remember, you know longer fear forgetting…

… and the end result is you get a relaxed, more restful sleep, free of ‘I must remember to do this…‘ or ‘I need to make sure I finish that first thing…‘.

Looking at this a little further, a restful sleep enhances our productivity levels.

If you tick off everything you accomplish on your list, this corroborates your sense of self achievement, which can help to shake off the blues.

7. Connect with an old friend

Treat Depression Naturally - Tips to Beat the Blues 7It is often the case that when we feel the most down, thinking back to precious memories from our childhoods can enlighten us.

Make us feel better, more loved, consoled… grounded.

In some cases, traumatic incidents in our pasts may prevent us from remembering the best moments, but part of the healing process is to look past the hurt and bring into focus the joyous occasions.

Connect with an old friend you feel you had great rapport with.

Reminisce on old times… plan an afternoon doing things together like sightseeing or going for a meal for a catch up.

True friends can uplift you and remind you of your superior traits. They can take your mind off your struggles and help you to see a wider perspective.

8. Drink turmeric tea daily

Treat Depression Naturally - Tips to Beat the Blues 8The benefits of curcumin (active component in turmeric) are numerous, tried and tested and long accepted.

It boosts liver health, decreases risk of inflammatory conditions (such as arthritis, sciatica, cancer, ulcerative colitis, etc) and can reduce incidence of diabetes, kidney conditions and even depression.

Natural medicine can be just as effective, if not more effective, as conventional drugs.

Did you know that a 2014 study showed taking 1000mg of turmeric daily was comparable to 20mg of Fluoxetine daily in treating depression?

Turmeric gives you a whole host of other health boosts, has no side effects, can be eaten, drank or taken in capsule form, why not try it and give it a go?

Here is a delicious & healthy turmeric & ginger latte recipe you can make.

9. Go for a walk or partake in a physical activity

Treat Depression Naturally - Tips to Beat the Blues 9Sometimes, getting out of the house, breathing in the fresh air around you and pumping up your feel good hormones can help you to shake off that slump.

When you exercise, the pituitary gland releases endorphins which induce a feeling of elation and also act as painkillers.

You do not necessarily have to hit the gym, or do any sort of strenuous exercise.

Swimming is enjoyable, tones your muscles and can boost weight loss. Going for a brisk walk every day for 30-40 minutes can invigorate you.

In fact take it two, okay three steps, further…

Go for a brisk walk, have a quick shower, cook yourself a healthy but indulgent meal and hit your bed early with your favourite book.

You deserve it.

10. Be creative. Let your inner artist loose!

Treat Depression Naturally - Tips to Beat the Blues 10Have you ever created an artistic masterpiece you are proud of?

No? Try it. Seriously!

Its cheap, easy to do, and helps you express yourself in an imaginative way with complete freedom.

If you are terrible at drawing or painting, you can take a different route and create abstract art instead. No specific skills needed. Learn your strengths as you go.

No one needs to see it, unless you want them to.

On the other hand, you could create a free portfolio on various websites online (tumblr, instagram or pinterest for example) and upload your work onto there.

Keep it secret until you are confident enough to go public. You never know what could come of it! You could ignite a passion for creating art you never knew existed!!

It is life changing to treat depression naturally…

Depression is a common but a very stereotyped condition.

Many fail to realise the seriousness of the symptoms and how it can infiltrate every aspect of a persons life. Although you can take medications to help you overcome depression, these tips can be implemented into daily life to boost your sense of well being and widen your horizons, no drugs involved.

Trying to treat depression naturally might sound difficult, but every change you make in your life to improve your inner self brings you one step closer to getting back on track.

If you feel depressed right at this moment, know it’s going to be alright. YOU are going to be alright. Everything happens for a reason, and this is a test in life to strengthen YOU!

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