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  • Edible Plants – 7 Landscape Plants with Medicinal Benefits


    Why Grow Your Own Plants? We are all looking for safe, healthier ways to live a more productive life. Gardening not only provides vegetables, herbs and medicinally beneficial, edible plants, but also provides great exercise, because growing a good, sustainable garden requires a fair bit of calorie burning labor. Many plants have medicinal benefits nature […]

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  • Surprising Health Benefits of Tomatoes & Why You Should Eat Them

    Did you know that a tomato is actually a fruit? Seriously. Its not a vegetable, its a fruit! You are probably thinking who cares? Its a tomato for goodness sake! But…the numerous health benefits of tomatoes means you really shouldn’t underestimate this nutrient rich fruit! The surprising health benefits of tomatoes… Tomatoes contain many vitamins, such […]