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  • Don’t Let Travel Sickness Ruin Your Holiday. Here’s How to Prevent & Treat It.

    Prevent & Stop Motion Sickness Quickly and Effectively

    Pilots. Astronauts. Cruise Ship Captains. Drivers. Fact is many people worldwide suffer from travel sickness, whether its air-sickness, car-sickness or sea-sickness, no matter what their profession may be or which country they are from. Trick is to prevent travel sickness before it catches you off guard, because if you start experiencing the symptoms covered below, […]

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  • Surprising Health Benefits of Tomatoes & Why You Should Eat Them

    Did you know that a tomato is actually a fruit? Seriously. Its not a vegetable, its a fruit! You are probably thinking who cares? Its a tomato for goodness sake! But…the numerous health benefits of tomatoes means you really shouldn’t underestimate this nutrient rich fruit! The surprising health benefits of tomatoes… Tomatoes contain many vitamins, such […]

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  • Need To Lose Weight? Suffering With Pain? Try This Miracle Plant!

    Health Benefits of the Nutrient Rich Superleaf, Moringa

    Moringa Oleifera. The Miracle Tree, or otherwise known as the Tree of Life. A drought resistant, highly nutritional, water purifying, medicinally used plant native to India, the Caribbean and other tropical climates. I’m here to tell you about the scientifically backed health benefits of Moringa, & the medicinal uses of the various parts of the […]

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  • These Little Known Facts About Preventing UTI’s Will Surprise You {+Infographic}

    Urinary Tract Infection: How To Prevent & Treat the Symptoms

    An Introduction: Are You Suffering with a Bladder Infection (Cystitis) Do you feel the need to urinate excessively often and urgently? …but when you actually go to the bathroom very little comes out, and you are left unsatisfied? Are you feeling a constant mild ache in the abdominal area? …or a stinging or burning sensation […]

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    We offer unbiased Pharmacist Advice at NeedAPharmacist.com

    NeedAPharmacist is the brainchild of Hina Iqbal Azille, MPharm., a Pharmacist from the UK who after working in community pharmacies for a number of years realised there was a stark need for a platform where by patients could have consultations with qualified healthcare professionals without strict time constraints and other patients peeking over their shoulders, […]