Home Birth – How I Ended Up Giving Birth to My 8lb Baby. By Myself. With No Pain Relief.


How I Ended Up Giving Birth to My 8lb Baby At Home. By Myself. With No Pain Relief. In Under TWO Hours!

Are you pregnant and terrified of the actual labor part? Do you feel worried about having to give birth at home unexpectedly? Have you heard terrible home birth stories? Can you imagine having your baby without any pain relief, all naturally? Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Read on to find out how my baby boy made his way into this world, no drugs or medical assistance involved…

Home Birth StoriesSo it’s 8am and I’m awoken by mild lower back pain which isn’t so alarming as to warrant me to call the hospital (I’m one week shy of my expected due date), but niggling enough to get me out of bed.

Unfortunately my husband is out of the country due to unforeseen circumstances and my three year old is fast asleep next to me but as soon as I begin to call her daddy to tell him about the back pain, and possible impending labor, she’s wide awake and wanting to know if I’m going to ‘pick up her brother from the hospital’???

Now picture this…I’m huge and am suffering with severe SPD (which is when the bones in the pelvic area are moving further apart due to the weight of the baby) so I literally have to move at a snails pace to avoid wincing in pain… and it takes me a grand total of 4 minutes to just get off the bed.

Before I go on, let me make it clear: the reason I’m writing this post is actually to give hope to, and spark some courage in, women that may end up in a similar situation to me…because if I can do it, trust and believe you have it in you to do it too!

The point of this post is not to encourage women to bypass medical assistance and decide to have the baby at home (although if you want a home birth, that is more than okay, so long as you have no medical issues putting you or baby at risk).


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My Home Birth Story…

So. My husband advises me to call my neighbour so she can come and whisk my toddler away and starts preparing me mentally to accept what begins to look and feel suspiciously more and more like actual labor.

At this point, I won’t even lie — I’m starting to slip into denial because I was hoping and praying hard that my husband would be back in time for the birth. It hits 8.25am and I start packing my hospital bag.

Yes, I know I left it too late, so shoot me! Juuuust kidding. I left it late because honestly my expectation was that I would have my husband by my side at this critical point, and in the weeks leading up to this day, I felt packing the hospital bag by myself would somehow bring it home that… he…wasn’t… here.

So I kept putting it off.

Biiiig mistake!!!! Here I am, with a belly so big that I can’t see my toes, and I’m packing a bag in between the contractions….every five to ten minutes …lasting for ten, twenty seconds at a time.

Do you know what contractions do to the brain? Scramble it. I’m convinced. Someone needs to do a study on that — what really occurs in the brain when a woman is getting a contraction.

I forget 75% of the items I had mentally listed that I would need, and I pack probably ten items that I really won’t need (like 6 onesies, 3 sweatpants, 5 pairs of socks…you catch my drift). But at the very least, I feel as though I’ve accomplished something…I can say I packed the bag, right?

9.30am. My neighbour comes up and asks if I want her husband to drive me to the hospital. I say no because the contractions are not lasting for 60 secs, and from prior experience I know the midwives suggest that you stay home till they are 5 to 10 mins apart, and last for 60 secs each time.

I ring the midwives and end up having a contraction whilst on the phone so she times it and says ‘Oh it’s only lasting 35 secs, so just monitor yourself and call us back if you feel the contractions are going on for a minute’.

In the next twenty minutes, the contractions become really intense. The pain had spread from my back to the lower abdomen, pelvic area…and this is the precise moment when I think FUCK. It’s actually happening. (Excuse the language… mind blank at this point.. available vocabulary short and sweet!)

I’m in labor.

The baby is coming. Right. Now.

Now at this moment in time, the contractions are so intense that all I can think about is how mind numbingly painful each second is.

Did you know there are 60 whole seconds in a minute??!? Soooo unreasonable!


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During those contractions, those seconds felt like minutes. You can’t rationalise. You can’t think. Heck, you can hardly breathe.

9.45am. My husband is sending me voice notes to encourage me to breathe through the pain, and all I’m thinking is…one thing is certainly clear — you are definitely not getting me in this situation again.

Never ever. No sir.

9.50am. I ask my neighbour to take my daughter to her place. I’m getting increasingly panicky, and my toddler is showing me how she can play with all her toys… in my bedroom… Oh, the innocence of children.

10am. My neighbour returns after dropping my daughter off to her own house, and finds me doubled over having another contraction. I was on the phone to the midwives at this time because my waters had broke.

I couldn’t answer the midwives questions (with her painstakingly sloooooow way of saying the words), so my neighbour took my phone and was speaking to them, answering stuff. Answering what? I’ve no clue. My brain was trying to cope with the shock of my current situation…

All of a sudden, I felt pressure down below and when I touched down there, I could swear that my fingers were touching my baby’s head.

Waaaaait a minute. Again…. What? The? FUCK???!?

This is the chain of thought that ran through my head right then. Reality hit me quick and hard.

I basically just told myself then and there that millions of women have had home births, by themselves. Right? So just deal with it.

It’s weird but I could actually hear my husbands voice in my head saying “it’s okay, just breathe….a few more minutes and the baby will be here…remember what I always tell you? I have faith in you..”.

I think this was a coping mechanism because it really made me become laser focused, and I started living , thinking, acting in the moment.

I literally had two more contractions, felt the need to push, and I followed what my body was instructing me to do… and he was out.

Totally out, in my arms, warm & chubby… staring me right in my eyes. It bought me back to when I had my daughter… You can’t believe how blessed you are.

Barely two hours, and a whole lotta intense, excruciating, take-over-my-brain type of pain later, he was in my arms.

I pulled him up and put him on my chest because skin to skin contact straight after birth is essential to help you bond with your newborn… but it’s more than that… it’s a protective, instinctive, pure act..it soothes the baby who was just in a tight, warm cocoon inside you, and completes the birth process.

home birth story

Its the moment (well, it was for me for each of my babies) when you forget the pain and start to think forward to all that lies ahead.

I rubbed his back and heard that first cry, and then heard the deafening silence for the short period of time before he let the world know he had arrived.

Yes, you read that right…I suppose I was in such a state of shock that until I heard the first sounds out of his mouth, I hadn’t realised that there was no noise coming from my barely one minute old baby.

10.15am. I sent a picture of the newest addition to our family to my husband with the caption ‘baby is here‘ to which he replied ‘holyyy {insert shocked face}’ because he was under the impression, as was I, that the labor was just beginning, and I had hourssss to go.

The midwives arrived around 20 minutes later and checked us both. Thanks to God, I had given birth to our 8lb, healthy baby boy…at home …without medical assistance…or pain relief — just plenty of panic, prayers, phone calls (from my husband) got us through.

My daughter came back a short while later, and promptly stated “well now my brother is here, you can give him to me now…he so cuuuuute momma…” in her British Caribbean accent. Second highlight of my day!

Now don’t overthink this and say ’the pain was probably not so bad’ or ‘she’s probably got a high pain threshold’…because it was excruciating, and my pain threshold is normally so low that I can’t even stand to look at a needle going into my arm!

Point is, no matter what your circumstances might be like, if you have to have a home birth unexpectedly, just understand that your body knows how to bring your baby into the world, so follow it’s advice. Listen to your gut, and if you feel like you need medical attention ring the emergency number, don’t wait.

Although you might have heard horrendous home birth stories, this does not mean you will necessarily have a negative experience if your birthing experience does not go as envisioned.

Key is to take each stage and mentally picture getting through to the other side. That is what helped me, and I feel it can help you too.

The surreal nature of the experience, the adrenaline (and other hormones) pumping through your body, the teeny tiny relief you feel that the moment is finally here…and the sheer anticipation of meeting your little bundle of awesomeness will carry you through.

Who else had a similar experience?

Would you prefer a home birth?

I would love to hear from other women who found themselves in unexpected birthing scenarios 🙂

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