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  • Self Help Techniques to Fight Postpartum Depression & Love Motherhood!


    POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION (aka Postnatal Depression) I’m sure you’ve thought of all the unforgettable memories you have ahead of you once your baby is born? The toothless smiles, the first steps, the instances when your baby watches you & is in complete and utter awe… the first coos that turn to words… precariously teetering & trying to balance […]

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  • Home Birth – How I Ended Up Giving Birth to My 8lb Baby. By Myself. With No Pain Relief.


    How I Ended Up Giving Birth to My 8lb Baby At Home. By Myself. With No Pain Relief. In Under TWO Hours! Are you pregnant and terrified of the actual labor part? Do you feel worried about having to give birth at home unexpectedly? Have you heard terrible home birth stories? Can you imagine having your […]

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  • Edible Plants – 7 Landscape Plants with Medicinal Benefits


    Why Grow Your Own Plants? We are all looking for safe, healthier ways to live a more productive life. Gardening not only provides vegetables, herbs and medicinally beneficial, edible plants, but also provides great exercise, because growing a good, sustainable garden requires a fair bit of calorie burning labor. Many plants have medicinal benefits nature […]

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  • What is Methadone? An Opiate That Can Help Fight Opiate Addiction?! [+INFOGRAPHIC]


    Drug addiction is a very real and a tremendously difficult public health problem to deal with across the world. Those who are addicted to opioids (such as heroin, oxycodone, morphine, etc.) often feel helpless to get themselves out of the situation. Trying to break free of the downward spiral is often the toughest decision of their lives […]

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  • Don’t Let Travel Sickness Ruin Your Holiday. Here’s How to Prevent & Treat It.

    Prevent & Stop Motion Sickness Quickly and Effectively

    Pilots. Astronauts. Cruise Ship Captains. Drivers. Fact is many people worldwide suffer from travel sickness, whether its air-sickness, car-sickness or sea-sickness, no matter what their profession may be or which country they are from. Trick is to prevent travel sickness before it catches you off guard, because if you start experiencing the symptoms covered below, […]